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Hoodie Bundle (Hoodie + CD)



 Running from an angry mob?

We all know that there’s nothing better than a holocaust cloak when you need to hide from a torch-bearing mob of enthusiastic farmers.  But they’re difficult to enchant (the cloaks, not the farmers) and they’re so bulky! (Again, the cloaks, not the farmers. I mean, farmers have to consume a lot of calories to be able to hunt blasphemers and monsters all through the night AND still have enough energy to take in the crop.  We would never presume to judge.)

Why not choose a more modern day cloak?

When you think about it, a hoodie really IS a modern day cloak. Only it’s not as scratchy and has pockets big enough to keep your wallet in, plus a really nice set of lock picks.  (Ahem. So we’ve been told.) Like a cloak, a hoodie also has a nice deep hood that you can pull down over your eyes, all Strider-like. Then you can easily blend into the shadows, or else let everyone in the room know what a super-cool vagabond you are!*

Our limited edition zip-up hoodie, made especially for the release of Nova Red, is the perfect choice for your modern cloaking needs!  The ultra cool detailing on the back, a mix of Viking and Gothic styles, is sure to provide protection from minor imps and demons, at least.**

Plus, this special bundle also comes with a shiny new Nova Red CD.  When played at appropriate levels, it’s sure to soothe the angry mob!***

And if that isn’t enough, we guarantee our hoodies are:

  • Super soft
  • Very durable
  • Flame resistant ****
  • Pitchfork resistant *****
* Pipe not included.  Also, it may not be readily apparent that you are, in fact, a vagabond.  It really depends on your charisma, ability to smoke the aforementioned pipe without collapsing into a fit of coughing, and of course your overall level of stench. REAL vagabonds don’t shower.  Fact.
** Neverlight cannot guarantee protection from any imps, demons, other beings from the underworld or overworld, angry bears, raccoons, squirrels, or revenants of any kind.  Basically, you’re on your own there. But hey! That hoodie looks great on you!
*** Neverlight cannot guarantee the response of angry mobs to Nova Red, regardless of volume level applied.  We’re trying, but testing thus far has yielded mixed results. Ever wonder where our drummer went?
**** We lied.  No it isn’t.  What do ya want?  We’re musicians, not wizards.  Seriously dude. Please do not set fire to your hoodie.
***** Nope.  No. It isn’t.  Ever wonder where our bassist went?

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    Hoodie Bundle (Hoodie + CD)


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